Total exclusive computing power: 2.44 x 10^13 IPC from 3282 GHz, 5256 GB RAM, 238 TB HD.

Our primary computations are performed by a cluster of 1488 CPU cores. All our machines run the Linux operating system. This is exclusive to our group and the eventual goal is to expand this to a few thousand processor cores. The images above are of our present cluster constructed using 1u rackmounts with up to 64 cores each, in construction depiction, and our original "white box on shelves" cluster.


Our computing setup is broken down as follows:

Type of machineNumber of machines/CPU coresSpeed/machine RAM/machine HD/machine Names
farm 32/64 4.8 GHz 1024 MB 160 GB fp98-fp128
farm 32/64 5.2 GHz 1024 MB 320 GB fp129-fp160
farm 6/144 54 GHz 48389 MB 8 TB fp1-fp6
farm 2/128 140.8 GHz 256 GB 10 TB fp7 & fp8
farm 14/896 134.4 GHz 256 GB 8 TB fp9-fp22
server 2/128 134.4 GHz 256 GB 9 TB mv1-mv2
server 2/12 19.2 GHz 16 GB6 TB sp1-sp3
server 1/1 1.4 GHz 2 GB1.5 TB sp2

Storage device Total storage (GB)
das1-2 27200
nas1-2 800
nas3-4 20000

Colour and B&W printers, scanners, and miscellaneous computing hardware are also readily available.

More information on the configuration of our clusters and use of Linux be gotten at Ram Samudrala's Linux Page.


We can be inventive also when the chips are down:

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