Group pictures

Here is a select subset of group pictures we've taken. There are more in this images archive so internal access is easily possible if you know how (or want it, please ask).

Tim Horton's in Buffalo General. March 16, 2023.

Alex, Melissa, Luke, Brennan, Liana, Zack, Ram.

The Wurlitzer Pizza Company. September 20, 2021.

Zack, Will, Jim, Ram, Melissa, Liana

Zoom. January 11, 2021.

Dan, Ram, Zack, Will, Liana, Frid, Luke, Brennnan, Matt, Mira, Melissa

Dan, Ram, Zack, Will, Liana, Frid, Luke, Brennnan, Mira, Matt, Melissa

University at Buffalo School of Medicine. December 23, 2020.

Will, Ram, Zack.
This is taken from an Insights newsletter article published by the School but it was such a nice image I wanted to put it up here.
Credit for the image goes to Zack Falls (background) and Sandra Kicman.

Coco, NY. January 14, 2019.

Ram, Will, Jim, Zack, Liana, Matt, May, Narayan.

Gaurav Chopra visit, NY. June 22, 2018.

Manoj, Jim, Matt, Ram, Gaurav, Will, Zack, Sappan.

John Moult visit, NY. April 13, 2018.

Will, Zack, John, Ram, Jim

Michael Levitt visit, NY. May 3, 2017.

Shymashree, ?, Jane, Matt, Peter, ?, Ram, Jim, Michael, Will, Sarah, Manoj, ?, ?

Ram, Michael

Casa Samudrala, WA. March 23, 2009.

Naan, Nipa, Mali, Sarunya

Shyamala, Siriphan, Weerayuth, Aaron, Nipa

Rosalind, Shyamala

Nipa, Doga, Sarunya, Umaporn, Siriphan, Malia

Arturo, Ram

Naan, Siriphan, Nipa, Mali, Maya, Sarunya, Orapin

Jeremy, Emre, Cigdem, Michal, Arturo

Casa Samudrala, WA. July 4, 2008.

Weerayuth, Emre, Ram, Terminator, Michal, Jeremy, Siriphan

The new addition to our group: Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4

Axis, WA. December 15, 2005.

Kai, Ekachai, Duangdao, Chuck, Gong, Tianyun, Ram

Tianyun, Ram, Hong, Zach, Jason, Kai

Bumbershoot, WA. September 3, 2005.

Aphiwat, Ram, Umaporn, Mali, Mike, Hong, Terry

The Last Supper Club, WA. July 22, 2005.

Mike, Sarunya, Zenon, Weerayuth, Ram

Maple Pass, WA. July 23, 2005.

Mike, Jeff, Aphiwat, Mali, Ram, Umaporn, Jeremy, Weerayuth, Sarunya, Kai, Gong, Fei

Jeff, Mike, Jeremy, Sarunya, Weerayuth, Ram, Mali

NW Gene Expression Conference, WA. May 26, 2005.

Weerayuth, Sarunya, Mike, Jeremy, Tianyun, Terry, Hong, Jason, Zach, Ram

Chutney's, WA. June 20, 2002.

Shing, Jason, Mike, Hong, Zach, Ram, Yi Ling, Ekachai

Thaiger Room, WA. June 13, 2002.

Ram, Mike, Shing, Ekachai, Jason, Mali

Sun Ya Chinese Restaurant, WA. May 9, 2002.

Ekachai, Ram, Jason, Hong

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