Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4.

I wasn't going to write anything about this sculpture, which I consider a work of art (and the reason we bought it from Anna's Furnishings in Lynnwood, WA, USA). But given the attention to other sculptures from the Terminator Salvation (2009) release, I thought this particular deserved to be highlight.

It is fully solid metal, nearly 8 feet tall (82-84 inches or 2.08-2.13 metres), and weighing about 500 pounds in total. It is disassembled into six parts (gun, head, torso, left arm, right arm, and two legs forming the bottom half of the body as one unit) which also allows for some movement and repositioning. The beauty of it is that it is all made from old motorcycle (and car?) parts and is intricately detailed, which gives it an extremely realistic look. There are two candelabra base sockets into which light bulbs of different colours (originally red) can be inserted that function as eyes (which give it an eerie look at night). If anyone knows the sculptor information, please email me.

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