Computational Biology Research Group (CompBio)
University at Buffalo

Research: Modelling life

Major big picture projects

CANDO - multiscale therapeutic discovery, repurposing, and design platform to revolutionise drug discovery.
Bioverse - object-oriented framework for exploring the relationships among the molecular, genomic, proteomic, systems, and organismal worlds.
Protinfo - protein structure, function, and interaction modelling web server modules.
Rice - structure, function, interaction of rice proteins and proteomes to devise new forms of nutritious rice for the world.
Decoys 'R' Us - discriminate native like protein structures to evaluate scoring functions.
CompBiki - documentation and dialetic.



  1. Ram Samudrala, PI/biohacker
  2. Alex Elefteriou
  3. Brennan Overhoff
  4. Chris Contreras
  5. Dan Kolis
  6. Derek Host
  7. Gaurav Chopra
  8. Jason North
  9. Jeremy Horst
  10. Liana Bruggemann
  11. Luke Graser
  12. Manish Manish
  13. Manoj Mammen
  14. Matthew Hudson
  15. Melissa Van Norden
  16. Skyler Resendez
  17. Terminator, Cyberdyne Systems Series 800 Model 101 Version 2.4
  18. William Mangione
  19. Zackary Falls